Before You Book

How can I book a tour?

Call our reservations team at 682-716-9982 to book a tour. A non-refundable deposit is required to book and travelers are required to follow the payment schedule for additional payments.

What is included in the price of the tour?

Tour price includes transportation, accommodations, transfers, Tour Director, local guides, attractions listed in the itinerary, entrance fees, and specified meals.

Room service, personal tips, and non-specified meals are not included.

Can children travel on a tour?

Our tours are for mature adults only. Children are not allowed to participate in our tours.

Are tours handicap assessible?

Our coaches are not handicap accessible, thus passengers must board and disembark the coach independently and be capable of changing seats. Passengers who require extra assistance may bring a foldable wheelchair or walker that can be stored in the luggage area. It is essential to inform us about the use of medical equipment or a wheelchair when booking a tour.


What if I have to cancel my reservation?

We realize that illness and personal issues do occasionally arise and make it impossible to continue your travel plans. All tour deposits are non-refundable. Unless otherwise noted, we will gladly refund any additional payments beyond the deposit, made prior to the final payment deadline.

How many bags can I bring on the tour?

We allow each passenger to check one large suitcase on the tour. This bag will be tagged, handled, and accounted for by Game Time for the duration of the tour. Smaller carry-on bags may be brought along and stored either under the coach or above the seats. It is your responsibility to handle carry-on bags.

How much money should I bring?

Along with the guided tour, all components are included in the upfront price except for certain meals, drinks, and extra expenses. Remember to tip the guide and driver, see tipping guidelines for more info. Use credit cards and ATMs instead of carrying cash.

Can I bring medication e.g., insulin?

For your insulin, bring a box and ice packs. Hotels can store them for you and freeze the packs. Bring enough prescription drugs and always keep them with you.

Do I need an ID to travel?

We highly recommend traveling with a photo ID. Some attractions require an ID for admission. If you are traveling to Canada, a U.S. Passport is required.

Where do I leave my car while on tour?

Tours generally depart from a non-secure lot in Desoto, Texas.  We suggest that you are dropped off at the designated location. Parking your vehicle at the location is at your own risk.


What if I become ill on tour or need to return home earlier than planned?

If you become ill on a tour or have an emergency situation at home, advise your tour director immediately. We can assist with contacting medical personnel, if needed. We can also assist in contacting your listed emergency contact and scheduling alternative transportation, if needed.

How is tipping handled?

Your Tour Director will pay gratuities for luggage handling and any other local guides that may join the tour. Game Time Drivers and Tour Directors appreciate any gratuity that is extended to them at the end of the tour. Generally, an amount of $5 per day per traveler for the Driver and an additional $5 per day per traveler for the Tour Director is common.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking (both tobacco and electronic) is prohibited on the motorcoach. You are responsible for identifying the designated smoking areas to smoke.

Are conceal-and-carry firearms allowed?

NO. Firearms are prohibited on the tour.

Do you make Rest Stops?

Yes, we make an appropriate rest/meal stop every 2-2.5 hours that we travel on the coach.

Are food and drinks allowed on the coach?

Yes, both are allowed on the coach, however, all beverages must be in a plastic container with a twist top. No glass containers, aluminum cans or fountain drink containers are allowed on the coach.

Are there electric outlets on the coach?

Yes! There are 110 V electrical outlets at every seat for charging your electronic devices. The outlets are not USB compatible.


Does Game Time require that all passengers be vaccinated?

COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters are highly recommended, but no longer required, for guests traveling with Game Time as of January 1, 2023.

Will I have to wear a mask on the coach?

At this time, masks are not required while on the coach. If conditions change in your destination, you may be asked to wear a face mask at certain points during your tour.

What if I become ill on tour?

If you become ill on a tour, advise your tour director immediately. We can assist with contacting medical personnel, if needed. We can also assist in contacting your listed emergency contact and scheduling alternative transportation, if needed.

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